1x Scramble and 2x 18-hole betting on Stableford


Thursday, September 12, 2019 Start at 10.00 am - Scramble

Friday, September 13, 2019, Start at 10:00 am - 1st bet game

Saturday, September 14, 2019 Start 09.30 am - 2nd bet game

On two matchdays a betting match takes place between the two golf courses

Game conditions:

The game is played according to the official golf rules of the German Golf Association e.V. (including amateur status) and the course rules of the golf club Dresden-Ullersdorf and the golf club Dresden Elbflorenz. The game will be based on the DGV default system. Inspection of these association regulations is possible in the secretariat of the golf clubs Dresden-Ullersdorf and Dresden Elbflorenz. Distance measuring devices are allowed as long as they only measure the distance. Smartphones are not allowed!

Default validity:

The betting games at 13.09. and 14.09. are indicative.


Participants are amateurs who are members of a DGV-affiliated association or a recognized international association.

Specifications limit:

The maximum is -54, whereas players with a club prescription (-37.0 to -54) for the tournament rating with HCP -36 in the rating. Furthermore, the following age restrictions are applied.

Are entitled to play:

Age 30 ladies and gentlemen 1968 and younger. Age 50 ladies and gentlemen 1969 and older. Age 65 ladies and gentlemen 1954 and older. If less than 10 participants play in the class, ladies and gentlemen are scored together.


Maximum 100 participants.

The first 100 applicants will be accepted. Should multiple applications be received on the same day reaching and exceeding the maximum number of participants, a random selection will be made.


Addition of the rounds of play in Dresden Elbflorenz and Dresden Ullersdorf, gross before net.

Overall winner:

The overall winners 1x ladies and 1x gentlemen (cross-class) are the golfers with the most grosspoints from the two bet games. If there an tie, the daily result of the second bet game decides. Then the comparsion of the heaviest/lightest holes an the second bet game.

Gross score:

Age 30, 50, 65. The gross winners they are not the overall winners get a prize

Net score:

Prices for 1st to 3rd places will be awarded in 3 classes (classification will be defined after registration deadline)


Tied scores will lead to the final comparison of the players’ results on the heaviest holes 9, 6,3, 1 of the last played course – net including handicaps.If a tie remains, a winner will be drawn.

Special scoring:

Will be played within the two competition days as following:

Nearest to the Pin:

separate for ladies and gentlemen (Ball of the 1st tee must be on the green)

Longest Drive:

separately for men and women(Ball of the 1st tee must be on the fairway)

Player groups:

Are divided by the tournament management and are published the day before. Start list division on the 1st betting day after Handicap and on the 2nd betting day after result




Sunday 07.08.2019, 24:00 hrs

Once you have registered the participation is mandatory.

Registration fee:

Is already included in the booked package price.


Will be announced by posting on the tournament day.

Tournament completion:

The Tournament will be completed with the end of the awards ceremony or with the announcement of the complete final scores.

Subject to change:

The committee reserves the right to amend any information, course rules, play times or may add other necessary conditions without prior notification until the commencement of the tournament (exception: handicap tournament). After commencement of the tournament, any amendments to the tournament will be eligible only if extraordinarily circumstances are presented!